China’s Agricultural Dilemma

China’s Agricultural Dilemma.
“If they can’t find jobs in the cities, it would create social unrest.
The Chinese government defines a “proper sized” family farm as around 7 to 13 hectares.
That presents a challenge for a new breed of farming entrepreneurs, who are leasing land or finding small spaces in cities to capitalize on the rising demand for untainted and varied produce.
Li leased about 7 hectares of land a decade ago to produce birds for his family and friends.
They also want more exotic food and fresh fruit and vegetables throughout the year.
Chen, 49, and his wife leased half a hectare to grow strawberries in greenhouses.
Operated by Penglai Hesheng Agricultural Technology Development Co., it is huge by Chinese standards.
The company leased 70,000 hectares and employs 400 workers.
If entrepreneurs don’t move in to take over production, China may lose even more arable land as it becomes abandoned.

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