City introduces new water conservation guidelines

The City of Red Deer is encouraging residents to reduce the amount of water they use in their homes, yards and at work by following the City’s new water conservation guidelines.
Officials say the new guidelines have four stages which set water use standards for residential, commercial, industrial and institutional operations.
The guidelines will take effect each spring on May 1, and will be lifted each fall on October 1.
Stage 1 is in effect now with voluntary guidelines to help conserve water and reduce strain on the water treatment plant.
“We’re trying to encourage people to think about their water use and to be mindful when watering their lawns and plants, and when washing their vehicles.” Stages 2, 3 and 4 are each enacted based on weather conditions, the flow rate of the Red Deer River, and potential emergency situations as they relate to The City’s water supply.
These three stages are all enforced.
Residents and businesses who do not comply with the guidelines in these stages may face penalties that range from a warning to a fine to a stoppage in service.
“Historical data shows that the likelihood of Red Deer enacting Stage 2, 3 or 4 water restrictions is very unlikely, but we’ve put these guidelines in place to ensure we’re prepared,” said Monkman.
“If a state of emergency is declared for our water supply, and Stage 4 is called, we wanted to have a process in place to ensure citizens continue to have access to clean, safe drinking water.” More information about the new Water Conservation Guidelines, including the steps for each stage, is available on the City’s website at
(The City of Red Deer)

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