City Of Bethany Files Federal Lawsuit Over Water Contamination

by Steve Shaw, originally posted on September 24, 2016


BETHANY, Oklahoma –

The city of Bethany has taken aim at two out of state companies it says contaminated the area’s groundwater supply.

The city says in its Federal lawsuit Milwaukee-based Rockwell Automation, and Savannah, Georgia-based Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation have known about the issue since 2008, but did nothing about it.

DEQ Spokesperson Erin Hatfield says it started investigating the issue back in 2009.

“We did find through site investigation that the groundwater is contaminated. However, we would like to note that the drinking water supply is not posing a current threat to the drinking water,” said Hatfield.

Neither company has responded to News 9’s email requests for a response.

“It’s frustrating that they weren’t forthcoming. Water is very important to us all,” said City Manager J.D. Cox.

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