City to replace water clarifier

City to replace water clarifier.
Sewer utility director Randy Hamilton said a report from a forensic engineer hired by the city’s insurance provider stated the problems were due to faulty materials and issues with how the clarifier was constructed.
“In 41 years of working in sewer departments, I have never seen an issue like this in terms of how this clarifier imploded,” Hamilton said.
The city’s sewer plant has three clarifiers used in the process to “clean” wastewater that has been treated before it’s discharged into the East Fork White River.
“But there is still concern that they could, so we are keeping a close eye on them,” he said.
Now, the city is formalizing that funding through an ordinance.
Earlier this month, the board of public works and safety approved the ordinance to issue up to $3 million in sewer works bonds, which will be paid back using sewer utility funds.
City council is scheduled to vote on the ordinance at 7 p.m. tonight.
“They are pouring the concrete walls this week, and I’m anticipating the whole thing will be finished in October,” he said.
“They know we are working on it and that we have a plan in place to handle the excess overflow,” he said.

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