City Utilities issues boil advisory

City Utilities issues boil advisory.
Although an advisory boil order issued by Fort Wayne City Utilities will likely remain in effect at least through this afternoon, officials say they have no indication that the city’s water supply is unsafe.
City Utilities will notify residents when the order is lifted.
With that then, once that power comes back up and it switches over, computers take over and start bringing the plant back online,” Clark said.
The reason it took most of the day to issue the advisory was because pressure did not drop below the threshold.
It was only after investigating the issue further that officials noticed a significant drop in two areas of the system, City Utilities’ Deputy Director Matthew Wirtz said.
There’s no indication that residents who had been drinking city water all day Friday are at risk, Wirtz added.
Samples pulled from the system Friday morning will be tested and the results are expected this afternoon, Clark said.
If the results come back clean, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management will be notified and the boil order could be lifted shortly thereafter.
City Utilities is collecting samples for testing to be sure the system is clear.

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