Clarke, Tattnall street residents remain under boil water advisory

originally posted on January 10, 2017


A boil water advisory issued for residents of Clarke and Tattnall streets remains in effect until further notice, according to Milledgeville city officials.

The advisory was issued after a waterline break was discovered under Greene Street around 6:30 a.m. on Monday, according to a press release issued by Milledgeville City Manager Barry Jarrett.

“Water Department officials began work to repair the break throughout the day. The repair was completed around 10:30 p.m. (Monday). Following the repair, water department personnel were notified around 1:30 a.m. Tuesday that a second water main break occurred approximately 10 feet from the recently repaired water line near Greene Street,” according to the release.

The second break has been repaired, however, tests are being conducted and bacteria samples will need to be collected for further testing before the advisory is lifted.

“After supply and pressure have been restored and the system has been flushed, it is projected that bacteriological samples will be collected … .Results will be available 24 hours after the samples are taken. Once favorable results are secured, the boil water advisory will be lifted. At that point, the water supply will be safe for consumption. As of now, the boil water advisory is still in effect for City of Milledgeville Water Department customers living in the specified area. They are advised to boil all water prior to use for drinking, cooking or preparing food. The water should be boiled for at least one minute after reaching a rolling boil. Citizens should continue to boil their water until they are notified by their drinking water utility that the water system has been restored to full operation, and that the microbiological quality of the water in the distribution system is safe for human consumption.”

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