Clean water for village

ABOUT 500 villagers of Nasivikoso in Magodro, Ba, now have access to clean drinking water after the commissioning of their rural water project last week.
Nasivikoso Village headman, Epeli Navatoga, 34, said they had wrestled with issues for the past eight years.
Villager Sulueti Bakabaka said in the past women fetched water from a nearby creek every evening for use.
"At times we had to wait until 10 or 11pm for us to fetch water because of the animals that cross the river," she said.
"We are now very happy.
We are also overjoyed because the water is available at every doorstep in our village."
"This empowers the water committee to be responsible for ongoing maintenance and repairs, thus ensuring the longevity and sustainability of their village water supply system," he said.
"This also builds the local capacity of contractors to undertake water supply construction work.
For this project, the village water committee will receive $4550 as payment for the village assistance provided."
Momo na Tui Magodro, Ratu Simione Vutevute said he was grateful to WAF for its assistance.

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