Climate change battle must be led by governments

Climate change battle must be led by governments.
America’s exit from the Paris Agreement should have come as no surprise to most.
Many have rightly condemned the decision.
To some of them, the Paris Agreement is a globalist ploy to steal money from the US.
Others felt the agreement is unfair as China is a bigger emitter – ignoring the reality that China has a much smaller per capita footprint, and that a large portion of its emissions is outsourced from developed nations like the US.
However, this points to the larger issue: how we tackle complex environmental problems.
It’s easy to get behind tackling air or water pollution.
But what about climate change?
Undoubtedly, we will see a huge pushback from the public, businesses and policymakers.
Whether it is in establishing a new regulatory framework, or supporting infrastructure or social norms, the government has a leadership role to play in facilitating the change towards a sustainable society.

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