Colchester woman named 2017 VT Citizen Planner of the Year

Colchester woman named 2017 VT Citizen Planner of the Year.
COLCHESTER – Getting royally ticked off is a good first step towards civic engagement, says Colchester Planning Commission Chairwoman Pam Loranger.
The second step, she adds, is getting over it.
Loranger most memorably raised her hackles about 20 years ago, when local officials declined to extend a water line to her home on Mills Point.
“I went into it being righteously angry with the town,” she said.
“There’s nothing that stirs a passion more than a certain amount of anger or feeling wronged.” She filed an appeal with the state, and eventually won the case.
“What could have been a very unfortunate experience prompted me to learn more about my town, rather than to be angry,” she said.
“I decided to figure out why this happened, and how it might not happen in the future to someone else,” Loranger added.
“I’m just not in the business of trying to lead horses to water.
“Good works attract good people.

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