Colorado Drinking Water Contaminated: DuPont Chemicals

This is a watershed that not only provides water to recreational areas like rivers and lakes, but also drinking water to about 80,000 residents in three different Colorado cities.
Brigida, start by telling us, how exactly these PFCs entered the watershed.
Brigida Santos: These perfluorinated chemicals seeped into the watershed through fire fighting foam that was being used at the Peterson Air Force base near Colorado Springs.
Right now there are almost no studies that investigate the health problems associated with humans, Mike.
I know this in other parts of the country, where we’ve seen this before.
It’s not like you drink the water and it goes away.
In the end, every jury that heard the case came back and not only found against DuPont, but they also said that the conduct was so reprehensible in the way that they covered up the dangers of this product.
How many people are potentially affected by this and what areas are in most danger here, Brigida?
Mike: Well as a matter of fact, this weekend I go to the Sundance Film Festival, where a movie was made about the case that I tried up in the Ohio River Valley.
In that film, they disclosed the fact that when the initial testing was done to find out how long does this stay in people’s bloodstream.

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