Come lets pledge “Save Earth to Save Us” on this #EarthDay

New Delhi, April 22: Today is the day when globally Earth Day is celebrated.
It is said that the Earth day is celebrated to bring people together in this summer and to think about the planet we live on – and how to save it.
Earth Day is celebrated with the aim to encourage people across the world to be more environmentally friendly.
Do you know the first Earth Day celebrations took place in the year 1970 where two thousand colleges and universities, roughly ten thousand primary and secondary schools, and hundreds of communities across the United States participated in the celebration of Earth Day.
The Earth is still the only planet in the Universe known to harbor life.
Since the year 1970 when we started celebrating Earth Day many changes took place.
The pollution is of five type air, water, soil, noise, and light.
The harmful gasses emitted directly in the air can lead to various issues like allergy, breathing issues, asthma, lung cancer, etc.
Water pollution can lead to many disorders in the human body and can even lead to Acid rain.
Even soil, noise and light pollutions are harmful to humans.

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