Good soil, sunshine and water are important factors in any successful cannabis crop.
Many farmers also believe in the power of three simple letters: N-P-K. Nitrogen-Phosphorous-Potassium are chemical nutrients essential to any bountiful harvest: nitrogen stimulates photosynthesis and leaf growth, phosphorus promotes flower and root growth, while potassium boosts plant vitality and pest resistance.
When planted as a polyculture (growing a diverse number of crops together), Mary Jane’s friends can naturally produce the nutrients she needs, as well as attract beneficial insects to fight pests.
Swami Select uses the natural sulfur in chamomile as an anti-fungal tea for their cannabis plants.
Comfrey: With six-foot deep taproots, comfrey harvests nutrients located much deeper than cannabis can reach.
Its large leaves also act as living mulch, shading out weeds.
Nitrogen-fixing plants can take nitrogen gas from the atmosphere, and with the help of Rhizobia bacteria, store nitrogen in nodule growths on its roots.
Nitrogen fixers are great as a cover crop to prevent weeds and prep soil before planting.
This is by no means a definitive list to cannabis companion plants; there are lots of beneficial plants, and effective strategies vary greatly, depending on each garden’s location and microclimate.
Adding cannabis companion plants will help create a living ecosystem that can better take care of itself, so let Mary Jane continue to be her social self!

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