Contaminated sludge from 1960s slowly removed from Dunbar neighborhood

It originated from a water treatment plant and got dumped into a local site in the 1960s for almost a decade.
Now, the City of Fort Myers has begun to remove this residential health hazard.
However, the highly-anticipated removal of contaminated sludge from an area in Dunbar fell flat Thursday.
Work started on the site early this morning but then stopped with very little activity the rest of the day.
“But I’m glad they [are] finally getting it out.” Residents like Freeman, who live near this sludge site are saying good riddance to the public nuisance.
“Well, I’m glad they’re moving it,” Freeman said.
“This has been a long time coming,” Streets said.
But, that excitement came to a halt when the activity slowed to a stop.
The trucks being loaded with the sludge are supposed to be driven from South Street to I-75 then all the way up to the out-of-state facility.
WINK News has not received a response from the city regarding the projects scheduled timeline for completion.

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