Contaminated water causing concern for some Haysville residents

It came from the former American Cleaners.
Already, KDHE has come to talk to residents about the concerns, but Tuesday, the conversation shifted to what they plan on doing about it.
“Those properties get their water from a groundwater well, they’re not provided water by the city of Haysville,” said Tony Martinez, Haysville Public Works Director.
“That’s why we were talking about the capability of the city extending our water utility down south to these properties.” The host of the contamination is near 79th and Grand Avenue and the old dry cleaning business.
You have no idea what it’s doing when it runs over your body in the shower.” This was a shared concern for another resident who lives in the affected area.
So what exactly is she putting into her body.” These are concerns that Martinez says he understands.
Martinez says he is still waiting on 100 of those notifications to come back with permission to fix the problem.
Once all those tests are passed, it’s put in service, then what KDHE does is start installing water lines from the meters to the house.” KDHE will be paying for the process and has already completely changed the water installation in one home.
“We’ve had this project in the motion for a while,” said Bob Jurgens, KDHE.
“We are spending just about $6 million to rectify the issue.” Get breaking news, weather and traffic on the go.

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