‘Contaminated water’ makes Sathya Nagar residents a worried lot

by Aditi R, originally posted on November 28, 2016


Residents of Annai Sathya Nagar in Kodambakkam zone have been increasingly worried about the alleged contamination of drinking water supply in their area, which they claim has affected their health.

V. Lalitha, a domestic worker, said: “All my family members have taken ill, including my three children and my husband, who are suffering from cold and a fever. I, too, have been on medication since last week,” she said, adding that contaminated drinking water has been an issue for nearly a year in this area.

“We rarely get safe drinking water. Often, the water we get is black in colour and it emits a foul stench, making it impossible to drink. We are then forced to buy mineral water,” Lalitha said.

Irregular supply

Girija, who also lives in the area with her husband, two children and her parents, said that apart from water contamination, that water supply itself was irregular.

 “We didn’t get water supply the whole of Friday. Four or five times a month we get contaminated water,” said claimed. Residents added that despite several complaints to Metrowater officials in the area, the issue had not been solved.

“Every time we complain, the officials tell us that the issue is due to leakages and that they would repair it. However, after a few days the issue reverts back and we are in the same dismal situation. There seems to be no end to it,” Lalitha said.

Metrowater officials said that they have noted the complaints of residents and will soon begin the repair work. “We will have to flush out the water and fix the leakages. We are working on it,” said the area engineer.

“This has become a serious problem now; it is affecting our families health. We only hope that officials take necessary action and do the needful at the earliest,” Girija said.

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