Contamination detected in Reykjavik drinking water

The Reykjavik Health Authority has issued a statement to warn people that slight contamination has been found in drinking water in some areas of the city.
"It’s a very small level of water pollution but above the recommended levels so we thought it right to warn the public," said Árný Sigurðardóttir at the City of Reykjavik.
Two samples taken from cold water in Reykjavik do not comply to standards.
On January 11th, E-Coli bacteria was found in drinking water in a borehole the Heiðmörk park just outside Reykjavik.
The water from that particular borehole never entered the Reykjavik water supply which means that drinking water was never contaminated with E-Coli.
However, other seamples taken on January 14th show bacteria from soil in the water in several boreholes.
Sigurðardóttir adds that in most places abroad this level of contamination is not even reported.
The Health Authorities will be placing the boreholes under close surveillance.
However, elderly people, ill people and babies should preferably drink boiled water for the time being.
People in good health are in no danger from drinking the tap water.

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