Contamination found in flood-affected water wells in South Be

originally posted on September 3, 2016


The St. Joseph County Health Department found some water wells in the Jewel Woods neighborhood had bacteria in them. Significant flooding hit that area after rain storms in August.

Officials thought flooding could infect wells with dangerous microbes and took samples of the water earlier this week.

Of 56 samples taken from Jewel Woods homes, 21 tested postive for coliform bacteria and seven for E. coli, the health department announced Friday.

Officials hand delivered results to homeowners, the health department said and hung notices on homes with positive results advising them not to consume their water.

Residents are being advised to continue using bottled water and boil their water. The St. Joseph County Emergency Management Agency is meeting with Mayor Pete Buttigieg Friday and is accepting bids for the cost of chlorination. EMA will cover the cost of chlorination, which should start next week, the health department said.

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