Crouch Mesa boil advisory remains in effect

originally posted on May 31, 2016


FARMINGTON — The more than 6,000 customers of the AV Water company have been advised to continue boiling their drinking water, one week after a failure in the company’s supply line sent discolored tap water into Crouch Mesa homes.

New Mexico Environment Department Spokeswoman Allison Scott Majure said in a press release today that tests for contamination have not exceed safe drinking water standards, but officials recommend that the boil advisory stay in place until inspectors gather more information.

The alert was issued on May 25 and has stretched on longer than expected. Jose Grijalva, the company’s treatment plant operator, told The Daily Times last week that the discoloration was due to dirt trapped inside pipes and that he expected the issue to be resolved within a couple days. In an interview today, Grijalva said test results have come back negative for harmful bacteria such as E. coli, and the company is waiting on authorization from state officials to lift the advisory.

Majure said that NMED inspectors are still carrying out tests, however, and recommended AV Water customers continue to take precautionary measures until all the results are in.

Crouch Mesa resident Beth Sutherland said her water has cleared up immensely since the alert was issued, but still has a yellow tinge to it. She said spending nearly a week constantly boiling water has cost her time and money.

“It’s not an easy chore,” she said.

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