D Matsalesam residents in Andhra Pradesh bear the brunt of contaminated water

D Matsalesam residents in Andhra Pradesh bear the brunt of contaminated water.
RWS authorities have already certified that the water of as many as 15 out of the total 21 tubewells in the village is not fit for drinking.
During a recent survey, the health officials found as many as 47 chronic kidney ailment cases, 26 thyroid, 40 hepatitis and seven cancer cases in the village.
They had lodged a complaint at the Grievance Cell in the collectorate, alleging that the company was releasing its waste directly into the sea through a canal passing through the village, contaminating the ground water.
“We conducted a random survey in five villages in D Matsalesam panchyat and identified around 30 pyelonephritis cases, 30 kidney diseases, 20 Hepatitis B cases, 50 diabetes and general ailments in many households,” said Ponnada PHC doctor Bala Sundaram, who was a part of the survey team.
However, he said that being a medicine professional, he could not comment on the ground water pollution.
“With no alternatives, villagers continue to drink the water, which is leading to contract many infections.
The hatchery management has been negligent in taking precautionary measures to prevent the ground water contamination by the debris let out by the unit,” alleged M Ramulu, village head of D Matsalesam.
Taking the health concerns of the local people into account, the authorities are gearing up to set up an RO plant, in collaboration with the local hatchery.
“The ground water of this area is getting contaminated owing to several reasons.

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