Dayton Demands Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Respond To Water Contamination

Officials say samples from the city’s early warning monitoring-well network first alerted the city to chemical contaminants in the water.
Officials are emphasizing they have not found any of the contaminants in water provided to residents.
They say Dayton’s drinking water remains safe for consumption.
According to the city, testing data indicates the chemicals originated at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.
“What we would like to see is something done, from the standpoint of, we will call it gradient control along the base boundary, so that any contaminants found doesn’t migrate off the property towards our well systems,” he told WYSO in an interview.
PFAS chemicals have been used in industrial and consumer products since the 1950’s.
The City’s monitoring network samples indicated low levels of PFAS — less than 10 ppt.
The City is working in conjunction with Ohio EPA and the U.S. EPA to devise a quick resolution from the base.
Those steps include shutting down wells in the vicinity where the City found PFAS.
For that reason, we have joined with Ohio EPA in demanding that the Air Force take action to stop the ongoing contamination," said Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley in the statement.

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