Defence Force needs to take ownership of water-contamination problem, mayor says

Officials and residents are frustrated at the Defence Force’s handling of the water-contamination problem at Ōhakea, saying they want someone in uniform to front up.
* Councils call for action to fix water-contamination problems at Ōhakea * Blood testing is not recommended for individuals affected by toxic foam contamination * Information requested but reasons not disclosed * Toxic foam found in fire trucks and storage at three more commercial airports Worboys said the Defence Force had been invited to numerous meetings, along with other officials, and until recently defence had been the missing link around the table, which was causing frustration.
Worboys said Parker was showing empathy and compassion for the community and the effect it had on them.
Before the meeting on Tuesday night, Parker said there had been discussion about where to from here.
He said at the meeting residents expressed frustration towards the Defence Force.
The Manawatū District Council had sent Parker a community water scheme plan for residents, which he received a few days before the meeting and still had to look through.
Worboys said even though water tanks had been supplied to properties whose bore water was contaminated, this did nothing to fix the problems for stock.
"Those water tanks are a permanent replacement for the bore water those people were using previously."
Properties receiving bottled water as a precaution have now reverted back to their previous drinking water supply.
"Those people whose drinking water has been affected directly have been given water tanks, which are plumbed into their household systems and replace the bore water they may have been using previously."

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