Disturbing Discoveries In Toronto’s Waters Indicate Why E. Coli Levels Are Still So High

A Toronto organization called the Lake Ontario Waterkeepers have released a really disturbing report about some of the city’s most popular waterfronts.
According to the report, E. coli levels in Toronto’s Harbour are worse than ever and that’s not all.
READ ALSO: These Ontario Cities Have The Highest Number Of Reported Rat Infestations In The Entire Province On top of the chilling levels of bacteria, the group also reported a concerning number of floatables in the harbour.
Only one of the nine places tested, Outer Harbour Bay, had safe levels of contamination all year.
E. coli is only part of the problem, though.
These include anything from used condoms, tampons, and syringes, and dead fish, rats, and birds.
The group counted at least 900 floatables over their observation period.
The group made a number of recommendations to the city on how they can improve the water quality at the harbour, but the city has a plan of their own.
The city is planning to address sewage overflow, which is largely responsible for water pollution with a $2 billion project.
The Don River and Central Waterfront project is a 25-year program made up of various projects to improve Toronto’s sewage system.

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