DNR to provide clean drinking water for contaminated wells

DNR to provide clean drinking water for contaminated wells.
LUXEMBURG (WLUK) — The DNR is planning to provide clean drinking water to people whose wells are contaminated by manure runoff.
So Wagner and his family drink bottled water.
"I only get one gallon of water per hour," Wagner told us As a Kewaunee County Board Member, Wagner is happy to hear about the DNR’s program to provide clean water to his constituents dealing with similar struggles.
Wagner told FOX 11 he can’t benefit from the DNR’s program because the water that comes out of his well is only contaminated with nitrates, not bacteria.
We still haven’t found any bacteria, which is a good thing," he explained.
Wagner said this is a good step, but… "How come this didn’t come out sooner?"
In statement the DNR said several programs worked together to take this step as quickly as possible.
A group of farmers called ‘Peninsula Pride Farms’ already offers clean drinking water.
That year-old program is for people with contaminated wells in the Kewaunee and Southern Door area.

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