Doctor Who Exposed Flint Water Crisis Opens Up About Trust and Trauma

You can’t know about my role in this crisis without knowing about who I am and where I come from.
[Editor’s note: The interaction below refers to a car accident Hanna-Attisha was in when she was five years old.]
Earther: The last burst of national news on Flint happened when the state stopped doling out bottled water.
But there’s a lot of folks who don’t trust what’s coming out of their faucet, even when it’s filtered.
Earther: From the book, you talk about how the trauma in Flint is a toxic stress.
Earther: Can you tell me more about environmental justice, and how it has manifested in Flint since the water crisis?
Hanna-Attisha: Flint already had suffered from environmental injustices in regard to industrial pollution and manufacturing.
[It’s] exactly like the trauma of the children of Flint.
As a pediatrician, we know what it does to children.
Hanna-Attisha: Flint is a story where folks got out of their silos and worked together to open their eyes and also to find that power within themselves to make a difference.

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