Downriver water quality concerns: Rep. Dingell pressures state leaders for answers

The GLWA released a statement Monday insisting the water has met recent EPA testing standards and is safe for consumption despite taste and odor issues.
The water authority said turbidity is the cause of the taste and odor.
(Source: EPA) Read more from the USGS on turbidity here.
The GLWA said it tested for all of this: Testing has also been completed for bacteria, and all results have returned negative for bacteria in the water.
Results indicate the water meets water quality criteria except for taste and odor.
Q&A: What we know about Downriver’s water quality concerns Pets getting sick But even after more testing, residents still have concerns including several reports about pets getting sick after drinking the water.
Dingell wants to know more about the testing, what’s causing the reported odor issue, and more (read below).
It is my understanding the Great Lakes Water Authority has increased sampling and testing of the water in Downriver communities following these reports.
Will results from testing the water be released to the public?
How can we all work together with the appropriate public health authorities to ensure these cases are being properly tracked?

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