Drinking water is contaminated in some parts of Whidbey Island

Drinking water is contaminated in some parts of Whidbey Island.
WHIDBEY ISLAND, Wash. — The water that’s flowing through some parts of Whidbey Island is contaminated.
But it was only recently that Hovland, of Coupeville, learned her drinking water tested high for PFAS, a chemical compound found in firefighting foam and now linked to certain cancers.
The Navy has been using the foam since the 1980s.
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“If it comes in above the advisory level of 70 parts per trillion, then the Navy is going to provide drinking water,” Welding said.
“When you are worried, very, very worried, you don’t have room for anger yet,” Hovland said.
Several years ago, Hovland says her husband was diagnosed with prostate and bladder cancer; now she wonders if their drinking water is to blame.
The Navy says they are largely phasing out the use of the firefighting foam as they continue to test more areas for contamination.
“The Navy is concerned about their health, too, that’s why we have gone out and done this testing,” Welding said.

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