Drinking Water Pollution Concerns at 15-year High

Drinking Water Pollution Concerns at 15-year High.
Concerns About Drinking Water Pollution at 15-year High Drinking water pollution is major environmental concern.
With the continuing high-profile instance of polluted drinking water in Flint, Michigan concerns about the issue of drinking water pollution have remained on people’s minds.
Americans tend to be more concerned about water pollution than they have in over 15 years (since 2001).
People are stressed over the not just drinking water pollution but the pollution of lakes, rivers, and reservoirs too.
Jump to: Best water filters if you’re worried about drinking water pollution Drinking water pollution concerns The elevated levels of lead in the public drinking water in Flint first came to public awareness in 2015.
Since that time, 48%-72% of Americans have expressed concerns about the pollution of drinking water.
Key points from the Gallup poll about drinking water pollution concerns 63% worry a great deal about drinking water pollution.
Read more about the Gallup poll here: In US, Water Pollution Worries Highest Since 2001 Worried about drinking water pollution?
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