Drought concerns grow in South Dakota

Drought concerns grow in South Dakota.
"In all the four categories now shown in South Dakota, all of them expanded in area — the worst being the D3 extreme drought area."
Edwards says the 2017 drought is different than the 2012 drought in the timing and progression in the state.
With pastures drying up early, many were forced to cull their herds.
South Dakota Secretary of Agriculture Mike Jaspers is aware of the early culling.
"Producers probably culled down to what they thought they could to get by for some time," he says.
"I would say for the most part, the spring wheat from our place west was taken for hay."
Jaspers says some of the areas experiencing drought this year were also hit last year, and when you add in the low commodity prices, they are concerned about losing individual operations.
However, use of the South Dakota Department of Agriculture Loan Mediation Program is up.
Jaspers, along with the state’s farmers and ranchers remains optimistic.

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