Drought concerns return across Alabama

Drought concerns return across Alabama.
A major drought affected much of Alabama last fall and into the new year.
The majority of the state never really recovered from that dry spell and could soon be back in emergency drought levels.
According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, 93.16 percent of the state is considered abnormally dry.
In fact, this time last year, not a single area of Alabama was listed as dry on the drought monitor.
The lack of raindrops have farmer Richard Edgar closely looking at the crops he’s about to start planting.
Considering where the state was just a few months ago though, Edgar says a little rain is better than nothing.
"There is some soil moisture from the earlier rains that we had still in place and if we get rains later in the week, we can still go ahead with our planning and with preparations that we’re making to produce the crop," Edgar said.
ADECA says the below normal rainfall levels have resulted in reduced stream flows and drier soil conditions.
Edgar says he’s more concerned right now about low prices than low rainfall.

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