Drought leaves 237,000 people thirsty in central China

by PNA-Xinhua, originally posted on September 25, 2016


WUHAN — Severe drought in central China’s Hubei Province over the past three weeks has caused drinking water shortages for 237,000 people, local authorities said Saturday.

The province received average precipitation of 10.5 mm since the beginning of the month, only 10 percent of the normal volume, the provincial flood control and drought relief headquarters said in a press release.

It said the northwest of the province suffered the most from the drought.

In Shiyan and Yichang cities, the driest areas, 237,000 people and 170,000 head of cattle were suffering from a shortage of drinking water.

Meanwhile, 123,000 hectares of cropland was damaged by the drought, posing severe challenges for this year’s harvest.

The provincial government has sent water wagons to relief thirst in the drought-hit villages and townships.

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