Drought Prevails Across Iran

R ecent statistics indicate that most parts of Iran are suffering from various degrees of short- and long-term drought based on meteorological indices.
Studies on meteorological drought over a one-year period ending Aug. 22, based on the Standardized Precipitation Evapotranspiration Index, show that 88% of the country’s area grappled with different levels of short-term drought.
According to Shahrokh Fateh, the head of Drought and Crisis Management Center at Iran’s Meteorological Organization, 26% of Iran’s area suffered abnormally dry conditions and 29% faced moderate drought during the period, ISNA reported.
"Severe and extreme drought conditions prevailed over 24% and 9% of the areas respectively," he said.
Only 10% had a normal status and the remaining 2% experienced precipitation.
For the longer period of 84 months (seven years) leading to Aug. 22, SPEI indicates worsening conditions, with 94% of the country affected by different levels of long-term drought.
Severe and extreme conditions prevailed across 30% and 12% of areas respectively.
Some 11% of regions were abnormally dry and 41% experienced moderate drought.
"Long-term meteorological drought indices are useful means of assessing the general states of the country’s water resources," he said.
Iran has been battling drought for over 15 years, thanks to declining rainfall, rising temperatures, inefficient farming practices, excessive consumption in metropolises and poor management of resources.

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