Drought triggers distress sale of cattle

Farmers of Tiruchi district, which is in the grip of worst drought in recent times, have been forced to sell their cattle at half price.
Even during severe drought situations, delta areas, located along the Cauvery, would escape from the impact of drought due to good groundwater table.
Almost all areas in the district have been reeling under the grip of drought causing acute drinking water scarcity to the people.
Moreover, no water body has water for milch animals, sheep and goats to drink resulting distress sale of milch animals at half price.
Farmers, who have 5 to 6 milch animals, prefer to sell half of them.
“I have not come across such a worst drought in the last two decades.
I am not able to get green or dry fodder for the cattle.
I have recently sold three cows, out of six cows, for Rs.
10 a kg, dry fodder (paddy staw) had been supplied at just Rs.
Farmers, who had five milch animals, had been supplied 105 kg of dry fodder a week.

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