Dubai responds to accusations of acidic bottled water

Dubai: How safe is bottled water in Dubai?
Authorities took to social media to assure residents that all bottled water is completely safe, after a flurry of rumours questioned the safety of mineral water.
On its official Instagram account, Dubai Municipality acknowledge that a number of articles and photos were published on social networking sites, claiming that some brands of bottled water were harmful to residents and contained a high level of acidity.
An investigation was immediately carried out by the Food Safety Management Department at the municipality, who said, “these rumours are not based on scientific facts, studies or accredited sources.” Dubai Municipality further clarified that residents should not believe such rumours, as “any scientific statement must be issued by specialists of the same field, and must be supported by scientific evidence or based on scientific references that are accredited and known.” According to the UAE and Gulf Standards No.
UAE.S GSO 1025: 2014 for bottled water, the pH level of bottled water should be between 6.5 and 8.5.
The Dubai Central Laboratory carried out tests for the products under question, and confirmed that the pH levels were within the acceptable percentage.
The municipality pointed out that, “the pH level in drinking water is a quality characteristic and has no health effect.
Mineral water doesn’t specify the natural pH because natural water has its own acidity, according to its origin.” All products in Dubai’s markets are deemed as safe, confirmed an official at the department of food safety, and re subjected to rigid tests either during the manufacturing process or when they are imported and circulated.

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