Durham to spend millions upgrading water infrastructure

Durham to spend millions upgrading water infrastructure.
DURHAM — It’s not sexy, but a $44-million investment in infrastructure will help regional municipalities.
Jennifer O’Connell, the MP for Pickering-Uxbridge, was at the Durham regional headquarters on Tuesday, May 23 to announce the federal government will contribute $22 million to fund water and wastewater management investments.
The province is chipping in $11 million, while the region will also contribute $11 million.
I hope it helps the region with sustainable growth and climate change adaptation,” O’Connell said.
Regional chair Roger Anderson said, “To build a strong Canada, and more importantly, to build a strong Ontario, we need to invest in infrastructure.” These investments will “shape the community for years.
The federal government is spending $180 billion over 12 years on infrastructure projects, she noted.
The $22 million will fund 15 projects and “help improve water infrastructure here in the municipalities of Durham,” she added.
“You’re always welcome back with $22 million in your pocket,” Anderson noted.
Ontario is committed to investing in infrastructure.

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