E. Coli Discovered in Clover Flat Elementary School Water

County and school officials confirmed Thursday the water at Clover Flat Elementary in Boulevard is contaminated with E. coli, in response to questions posed by NBC 7 Investigates.
He has not been able to keep down water.
He was hospitalized twice with high fevers, and today doctors discovered blood in his urine.
"We were notified by the school Tuesday that the water was contaminated with E. coli," Cousins said.
The family is awaiting test results on whether the school’s tainted water caused their son’s illness.
The Assistant Superintendent for the Mountain Empire School District said officials are not aware of any illnesses caused by the E. coli, but the district is very concerned.
Tests were conducted on June 16 — the day school let out for the summer break.
Families living in the most rural parts of the county have been more heavily impacted by the drought–not just by water shortages but also by increased exposure to carcinogenic water contamination.
"We found that the majority of those drought-impacted public water systems were serving disadvantaged communities."
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