Early-season budget pothole filled through ‘hiring freeze’ and cancelling projects

Early-season budget pothole filled through ‘hiring freeze’ and cancelling projects.
On Thursday, McNeil told council’s finance committee the city has made up for the $9.5-million shortfall by cancelling some capital projects and through the selective hiring freeze, which did not apply to all city workers.
The city also placed a wage freeze on 250 senior officials, suspended most conference travel and clamped down on other discretionary expenses.
"We gave each department a target," McNeil said.
Other departments didn’t achieve their targets."
McNeil did not disclose which projects will be cancelled, saying elected officials must approve any changes to the budget.
"It wasn’t easy," he said.
"From my perspective, the city is running pretty lean, when you compare us to other jurisdictions across western Canada."
South End sewage upgrade costs rise City council’s finance committee was also told of cost hikes of up to $37 million for upgrades underway at the South End Water Pollution Control Centre, the second-largest of the city’s three sewage-treatment plants.
Water and waste director Moira Geer said the cost may rise as high as $373 million, based on more detailed design estimates for the electrical and mechanical components of the project.

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