East bank residents may experience water pressure problems

Large water towers that can be seen from the street at the Carrollton Sewerage and Water Board plant may prevent boil water advisories in the future.
It was back in September when turbine Number 6 at the plant went offline.
“It caused a temporary loss of 60-cycle power, which resulted in the loss of water pressure across the East Bank of New Orleans,” says Paul Rainwater with the Emergency Management Team.
FEMA is now paying for a $50 million infrastructure investment known as the water hammer project.
It’s a project that was already underway when that boil water advisory happened earlier this year.
“In the event of a complete power loss like we experienced, these water towers will provide uninterrupted water pressure and water service to the city,” says Rainwater.
The project includes two new 200 foot tall water tanks that will hold 4 million gallons of water.
If there’s a complete power loss, the towers will provide uninterrupted water pressure for 40 minutes and service to the city.
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