Eastham water pollution lawsuit settled

Eastham water pollution lawsuit settled.
EASTHAM — A dispute over the contamination of private drinking water wells by chemicals that leached from the town’s landfill was quietly settled this summer after the town agreed to pay each of three families $90,000.
Kathleen Schrock, of 45 Starlight Lane, Gina Salerno and Deborah Moreno, of 35 Starlight Lane, and Brian and Kate Remmey, of 60 Knowles Road, will receive about $60,000 each after legal fees, according to the settlement agreement signed June 21 in Barnstable Superior Court.
The well for the Remmeys, who have three children, did not test high enough to receive bottled water, but they were included in the suit.
“We’re happy to have it settled and we’re glad the town recognized there was a problem with the water that we had been drinking,” said Schrock, who remains in her Eastham home, a geodesic dome.
“We did tell our neighbors” about the suit, Schrock said.
The high levels were discovered after the state Department of Environmental Protection found that the testing protocol used by the town’s engineer was faulty and it was changed, he said.
In 2014, voters at town meeting approved spending $45.8 million to construct the first phase of a public water system along Route 6 and around the landfill area.
And the plaintiffs feel the same way.” This was the second of three separate court cases related to the contamination to be settled.
No new suits have been filed, Beebe said.

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