​Emily Hayes finds way to serve communities both near and far

By Ariel Worthy The Birmingham Times Whether donating bottled water to the city of Flint, Michigan or backpacks to students in Birmingham City Schools, Emily Hayes wants to find a way to serve.
The organization this year partnered with the Birmingham Public Library and Tuggle Elementary School, to donate 750 backpacks filled with school supplies.
“People would ask me why I wanted to do [a back to school rally] because so many are held in the city,” Hayes said.
“Just to see the gratitude on their faces is what it’s about,” she said.
Her second donation was to a back-to-school rally for Birmingham-area students, where over 500 students received backpacks filled with school supplies.
Hayes credited Yvette Richardson of the State Board of Education for help in assisting the schools.
I want children to grow up with a healthier mentality than what they are used to having.” Other goals include helping school instructors.
I want to provide a classroom with supplies so .
“When you hear the name Served, you know your students are going to get helped in some capacity,” she said.
“I want to spark this light in someone else’s heart, and have them invest in the community.” Hayes, who works for a company on 280, and part-time for the city of Birmingham’s fitness center, said she travels as much as possible when not working.

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