Environmental Pollution Knows No Boundaries

Since the advent of the industrial revolution in the 1700’s, environmental pollution has been a problem.
Environmental pollution is all encompassing as it includes soil, water, air, noise pollution, etc.
Water pollution occurs through many ways, some through negligence and some simply inadvertent and due to of lack of education.
Other Causes of water pollution include: 1.
Industrial leftovers which contains lethal chemicals which are harmful to health and contribute to air pollution.
These leftovers contain pollutants such as sulphur, nitrates and mercury which are released into the sea as a result of lack of suitable waste management systems by these industries.
Dumping garbage in the sea is also another cause of water pollution where garbage used by different families are compiled and tossed into the sea.
Despite environmental pollution being known to cause a number of health related issues ranging from cardiovascular diseases, to cancer, to death, and the tremendous financial cost to society, it has historically been relegated to the poor urban areas.
Some residents have been forced to disconnect from their private well and join the municipal water system with its treated water.
Rules and Regulations: environmental laws need to be put in place to make it difficult for individuals and industrial companies to pollute seas, oceans, lakes and drinking water.

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