Erin Brockovich urges West Michiganders to join a class action suit against Wolverine Worldwide

Brockovich held a town hall meeting Saturday to let residents know what work she has done and plans to do for them.
Wolverine Worldwide is believed to have caused the contamination by dumping toxic chemicals known as per-and polyflouralkyl substances – or PFAS – at several dump sites in Northern Kent County.
Brockovich, who has been involved in other class action suits regarding PFAS, says residents reached out to her with their concerns months ago.
“They don’t have to be any of that to ask questions, to to be concerned about their child, and to know there is a toxic compound lurking around in their water,” she said.
While most resident at the town hall were glad to join the suit, some were a bit wary of the lawyers coming into town.
Amy Williams believes the lawyers are getting involved for more reasons than just helping people.
Williams and her family came to the town hall in shirts that read “We are PFOS’d off.” Williams, who is battling stage four cancer, lives in Rockford.
She says her family had been drinking well water for about 17 years before getting on municipal water.
“I just wonder if what I’m going through is from the water.
No representatives from Wolverine Worldwide spoke at the town hall, but the company did publish an article on its blog addressed to Brockovich.

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