Essay example – Water Pollution

Essay example – Water Pollution.
The river use to stream through the forest of the hardwoods.
The livestock waste was streamed into the Fork West making it extremely polluted making the vertebrates in the river to perish which in turn led to a decrease in fish population in the stream.
This animal waste also led to algal bloom which worsens the conditions of waters in this river which later leads to death of fish due to lack of oxygen.
The pesticides and insecticides used in the farms gets its way into the waters of river West Fork polluting its waters.
This made pollution more terrible to the marine life in the river at that point in time.
This destroyed the natural environment which was a catchment area for this river and a source of living to many downstream.
The development of ditches and trenches led to the destruction of water catchment areas which were formally of a quality nature.
This pollution led to degradation of the water of this stream and lives of the people who live downstream .The people down the stream use the river both for domestic use and other farming activities.
The water could therefore have negative effects on their health since it may lead to contamination of water and food.

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