#EveryDropCounts: Politicians should steer clear of our #WaterCrisis

I was not particularly flattered or impressed to receive a recorded telephone call from the leader of the DA, Mmusi Maimane, telling me his party was taking over the management of Cape Town’s water crisis.
I did not think for one moment: “gosh, I am honoured to receive a personal call from a great leader”.
Like everybody else who received the recorded message, I just sighed and pressed “delete”.
I do not consider politicians the best people to manage droughts any more than I feel blacksmiths should be made responsible for brain surgery or chiropodists to be the best people to design moon rockets.
Water management should be tackled by engineers, meteorologists, surveyors, plumbers and planners.
When politicians climb on a bandwagon and tell us “their party” is the one that can save us from Day Zero, many of us simply become irritated.
It’s such blatant point-scoring I wonder whether anybody is stupid enough to fall for it.
All it does is make ordinary people hate politicians.

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