Ewwww! Why is my water brown?

by Anita Lee, originally posted on October 27, 2016


Some folks were none too happy when they turned on their taps and brown water poured out.

Cheryl Knudsen, office manager for the Kiln Utility and Fire District, said lines are being flushed to clear up the problem.

She said a water line was broken Wednesday during construction at the Hancock County Sportsplex near Mississippi 43 and 603. A change in pressure from the sudden break stirred up sediment in the line, causing the discoloration.

She said the water is tested and there is no danger from bacteria.

The county utility has had 15 to 20 calls about the brown water. Knudsen said the complaints started after the break and continued Thursday morning.

“It’s very aggravating to people,” she said. “I know it is.”

Water district customers can call the utility office at 228-255-2595 if their water is off color so the district can flush the lines in their area.

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