Experts say drought probable for East Texas

Considering the massive amounts of rain that fell during Hurricane Harvey, the idea of an eventual drought in Texas might seem hard to believe.
Holcomb said that the current seasonal weather pattern is partly responsible.
"We’re in the middle of a La Nina event which means not a lot of humidity, not a lot of moisture," Holcomb said.
We just dry out faster down here."
"All the rain that fell during Hurricane Harvey ran off into the Gulf of Mexico," said Holcomb.
"Not a lot of it soaked in as you would think."
"Predictions are that it’ll become hotter and drier over the next quarter for our portion of the state of Texas," Holcomb said.
"But, there are already portions of the state of Texas, in north, central Texas, that are already at stage four out of five."
Those worried about the products of their green thumb should pay attention to the few times that it might rain.
"If you’re into gardening especially, collect rain water, it’s a happening thing these days to collect rain water in barrels to use it in your gardens, whether it be vegetable gardens or flower gardens," Holcomb said.

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