False Creek Waters May Become Swimmable By Summer 2018

False Creek Waters May Become Swimmable By Summer 2018.
False Creek seems like a cool spot for a dip, but it’s not an option with the water pollution.
As a result, Vancouver Councillor Andrea Reimer is lobbying to make the waters swimmable by next year.
Reimer is putting forward a motion to implement a water revitalization initiative to establish healthy waterways.
The initiative will help purify waters at False Creek, Burrard Inlet, Lost Lagoon, the Fraser River and Trout Lake.
The motion comes nearly a year after a surf park was proposed for Creekside Park.
Polluted Waters Biological and toxic waste have polluted these waters of Vancouver in particular.
The goal is to make it safe for people and aquatic life to inhabit there throughout the year.
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