False River denizens may face future restrictions on building retaining walls

False River denizens may face future restrictions on building retaining walls.
Hoping to improve water quality in False River, Pointe Coupee Parish leaders are exploring regulating how retaining walls and erosion prevention structures along the oxbow lake’s shorelines are built.
The Police Jury on Tuesday is set to take up a proposal that, if approved, would put in place a permit-issuing process for property owners living along False River who want to build such structures.
Supporters say managing the construction of retaining walls will help in ongoing efforts to improve the water quality of the lake.
The recent issues with failing bulkheads had parish leaders locked in tense debate with the owners of waterfront properties who said their structures were failing in 2015 because of a man-induced drawdown designed to improve water quality.
"When these walls fail, dirt and other materials wash down into the water; muddying up the lake and stirring up sediments," Olinde said.
The proposed guidelines wouldn’t apply to property owners who already have bulkheads on their properties.
Property owners would have to submit applications for a bulkhead permit from the parish in addition to any other permits they must secure from any federal, state and/or local agency, the proposed amendments state.
However, if a property owner is using natural materials (like dirt and rocks) to build an erosion wall, engineered plans are not required for a permit application.
That hearing will likely take place in July and be when jurors will vote either up or down on the proposed amendments.

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