Famsa trucks in bottled water to Houston area flood victims

Famsa trucks in bottled water to Houston area flood victims.
DALLAS — Famsa Furniture has partnered with most of its vendors to send more than 100 pallets of water to Texas customers, employees and other victims of Hurricane Harvey.
The Top 100 company, part of Monterrey, Mexico-based Grupo Famsa, said it reached out to its network of stores throughout Texas and Chicago, as well as vendors and other partners, who have joined the effort, including Acme, Affordable, Anffer, Ashley, Classic and Basic, Crownmark, Dafel, Electrolux, ESI, Forestal Alfa, General Procurement, Home Elegance, ISSA, Kith, Lester, LIZ, Ponderosa, Powell, Sandberg, Simmons and Venecia.
The Famsa-organized relief effort has brought into Houston more than 100 full pallets of bottled water, “one of the most needed items currently on the relief effort list,” the retailer said in a release.
“The distribution of a minimum of two large cases of bottled water to hundreds of families displaced or affected by Hurricane Harvey, through the network of four Famsa Furniture stores in Houston may seem like a small step of help for the Houston communities through the recovery process, but is fulfilling an essential need just as flood waters start to recede and families are able to move around again and assess damages,” the company said.
The retailer also is reaching out customers to provide “orientation on how to get property insurance claims started (if they were purchased at a Famsa Furniture store), reminding them of the coverage and protection from natural disasters, and educating them on property insurance process and their options in case of product losses due to the floods.” Famsa customers affected by Harvey can call customer service at 1-866-883-2672 to talk to a representative about options regarding pending payments and other assistance “to relieve the financial burden of customers affected by the storms,” the retailer said.
“All Famsa Furniture executive and operational teams have expressed how deeply saddened they are by the devastation, and how inspired they are by the resilience and humanity we are all witnessing in Houston,” the company said.
“They have also re-iterated their commitment to help the Houston community, their employees and customers recover from this unprecedented event.” The company told Furniture Today it suffered only minor damages to some of its stores in Harvey’s path.

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