First of a Kind Water Recyling Plant Being Built in Marina

In fact, the process is sometimes dubbed “toilet to tap.” That’s a phrase the people at Pure Water Monterey quickly dismiss when talking about the new advanced water purification facility being built in Marina.
Other water recycling plants, like the ones in Orange County and Phoenix, Arizona, only use waste water.
Right next to where the plant will be built in Marina, there is currently a demonstration plant.
“We’re just trying to show people what is coming to the area,” says McCullough.
"So the ozone starts breaking down the molecules whether it’s bacteria, organics, things like that into smaller pieces," says McCullough.
McCullough ends every tour with an offer to drink the water now.
“We view this project as a very good step forward in providing what I call water security in the total portfolio,” says Dr. Wolff.
CalAm will buy this water for its Monterey Peninsula customers.
Dave Stoldt of the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District says creating new sources of water is essentially for the Monterey Bay Area, which in the context of the state water system, is considered an orphan.
So you are really down to looking at recycling and desalination,” says Stoldt.

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