‘Flushable’ wipes lead to water pollution

Local sewage experts are bringing to light the hazardous effects of flushing "flushable wipes" down wastewater pipes. The wipes combine with kitchen grease and cause a massive congealed buildups of waste, known as "fatbergs."
As part of Pollution Prevention Week, residents are encouraged to make simple changes to their daily routine to help maintenance crews and sewer workers who have to deal with "fatbergs."
"Fatbergs" block the flow of water, which can make water bills more expensive for residents. Medicine and chloride introduced into the sewerage system can also contaminates the water.
"It is extremely difficult and costly to remove pollutants such as chloride and other chemicals once they get into our waters," said Michael Mucha, chief engineer and director of Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District.
"When everyone works together to keep them out, we all benefit from improved water quality and lower utility bills," Mucha added.

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